What is Airlite

Airlite is a beautiful 100% natural breathable paint available in 160 colours.

Airlite is one of the most environmentally friendly paints on the planet. 40% of the raw materials are recycled, the manufacturing site is powered purely by renewable energy and the paint is shipped in powder form, reducing transportation emissions and CO2 footprint. Compared to standard paints, Airlite’s global warming potential is 75% lower.

Created from the ground up to be ecological and make the world a better place we do things that would destroy normal paints – we make it ACTIVE!

When light touches Airlite the paint becomes ACTIVE, creating an ionized layer on its surface. The ACTIVE paint purifies almost anything present, breaking it down in the same way natures does, reverting pollutants back to harmless atmospheric gasses and salts.

Airlite actively reduces some of the most toxic airborne pollutants, including NOx, SOx, NH3 and CO. Airlite also kills bacteria and mould whilst eliminating odours.

Airlite paint is guaranteed for 10 years.



Airlite actively reduces pollutants by up to 95%, including NOx, SOx, NH3 and CO – the leading causes of smog, bad air quality and pollution derived illnesses.

Airlite is naturally antibacterial even in the dark and is proven to kill 99.9998% of surface bacteria stopping the spread of illnesses

Airlite’s innovative technology inhibits the growth of moulds and microbes that can cause allergies, itchiness, headaches, fatigue, coughs, asthma and other respiratory problems.

Airlite attracts water molecules in the air to create an invisible, protective film on the wall that blocks dirt, dust and allergens from sticking. On exterior walls each time it rains the paint cleans itself

Airlite eliminates odours without filters, deodorants, waste, or upkeep by actively breaking down odour molecules.

Zero VOC

Airlite is made from no volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Airlite actively reduces VOC’s present in the air.


Circular Economy

In line with the principles of a circular economy, 40% of the raw materials used in the Airlite manufacturing process come from recycled sources. Airlite was awarded the Gold level of Cradle to Cradle® certification: Cradle to Cradle® products reach a new qualitative dimension due to their high efficiency and minimal or no environmental impact.

100% Renewable Energy

Airlite is produced in Switzerland in a fully automated plant, which operates under conditions of maximum efficiency and minimum environmental impact. Powered by 100% renewable energy sources, Airlite has obtained EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) certification. This international system defines the environmental impact of a product during its life cycle.

Lower CO2 Emission

Airlite helps reduce CO2 in two ways. Firstly, being a powder product, Airlite weighs less than traditional liquid paints. As a result, emissions generated during transport are 40% lower in comparison. Additionally, during the carbonation process that occurs during the product’s application, Airlite leads to a maximum absorption of CO2 equal to 237.8 g / kg.





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