Living wellness

Airlite is wellness within everyone's reach


Living wellness is a condition of well-being that is created within a room depending on four parameters: temperature, air quality, acoustics and brightness.

In particular, thermal comfort describes the feeling of satisfaction related to the thermal environment, which occurs when the human body perceives the temperature as optimal both physically (temperature, humidity, ventilation) and chemically (clean or cool air).
The quality of the indoor air is influenced by various agents, microbial contaminants (fungi and bacteria), gases (such as VOC, carbon monoxide and radon) and any other element that may be harmful to health.

Airlite can better living wellness thanks to its positive effect on both temperature and air quality.


We now spend as much as 80% of our lives indoors, where according to the US EPA the air can be up to 5 times more toxic than the air outside.

Airlite makes indoor environments healthier and more comfortable by:

– reducing air pollution
– preventing the growth of bacteria and mold on the coating
– reducing bad smells.


Airlite reflects most infrared solar radiation and prevents excessive passage of heat to the buildings. In this way in the summer months and in hot climates, rooms stay cooler.

If a wall painted with traditional paints reaches 60 degrees to the touch, on a wall painted with Airlite the temperature drops to an average of 36 degrees.

Painting the exterior of the building with Airlite can reduce the cost and energy consumption of traditional air conditioners by up to 29%, thereby lowering the associated CO2 emissions that cause climate change.


Colors can also play a key role in improving our wellness. According to color psychology, each color has a precise meaning and specific properties. Warm colors such as yellow, orange and red convey a feeling of vigour, energy, vitality and liveliness; cold colors such as green, blue and light blue, on the other hand, communicate a sense of peace, serenity and tranquillity.
Warm colours are ideal for common areas (for example the kitchen), while cold colors are more suitable for living areas and bedrooms.

Airlite is available in 180 true colors across a palette that stretches from light to dark

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Our mission is to improve the environment and better people’s lives by purifying the air we breathe.

At Airlite we care about our planet: We created a special technology that, by preserving the environment, gives us and future generations a better place to live. Our policy is based on the effective and sustainable management of resources, by manufacturing with 100% renewable energy and ingredients coming from high quality recycled raw materials.

Let your home breathe with Airlite