A healthy working environment

The epidemic caused by Covid-19 has highlighted the fragility of our workplaces.
Covid-19 is a respiratory virus that spreads mainly through contact with the breath droplets of infected people, for example when they sneeze, cough or blow their nose.
The surfaces of walls, objects we touch, as well as the air we breathe, can be vectors of infection, with even serious consequences.

To achieve the best working environment both professional disinfection and the application of appropriate surface and air purification technologies are required.

The Airlite Restart Project

Airlite has joined forces by bringing together the best technologies and professional skills on the market in order to provide the best 360° solution, the most complete and effective.

This is how the Airlite Restart project was born, which allows to give new life to work environments by substantially reducing the exposure to harmful pathogens.

4 Winning Actions

For the Covid-19 emergency, Airlite has developed Airlite Restart, which consists of 4 combined actions that provide the highest level of protection by providing workplaces with the best conditions to accommodate workers and, in general, all users who need to use the spaces.

Sanitization of surfaces and furniture

Static sanitation of ventilation ducts

Dynamic sanitation of ventilation ducts

Application of Airlite to room walls

First Action: Sanitization of surfaces and furniture

The first action is the sanitizing service of environments and objects of current use such as floors, doors, handrails, handles, seats, PC keyboards, furniture and technological equipment carried out through specific equipment and products able to make surfaces and environments treated immune from viruses and bacteria.

This eliminates the presence of pre-existing pathogens from the premises.

Second action: Static sanitation of ventilation ducts

Often underestimated, air conditioning systems are often the nest of mold, viruses and bacteria that can cause the spread of diseases and allergies, especially in the workplace.

In addition, in the case of Covid-19, man-made infected droplets enter the ventilation ducts and can create infected "pools" that can spread the infection throughout the structure.

To remove them from the ventilation ducts, sanitization with professional disinfectants or high-temperature steam is used as appropriate.

Third action: Dynamic sanitation of ventilation ducts

Airlite technology makes it possible to sanitize the air dynamically. As the air touches a surface treated with Airlite, the air in contact is purified, eliminating pathogens, harmful gases and chemicals suspended in the air.

In order to be able to purify the air inside the aeration ducts, a module has been developed that uses the same active ingredient as Airlite for the active sanitization of the aeration ducts.

Fourth action: Application of Airlite to walls

Airlite eliminates 99.99% of bacteria and, in fact, transforms the walls of the rooms where it is applied into a natural air purifier allowing to reduce the concentration of harmful gases, such as nitrogen oxides, and airborne chemicals.

It uses a patented semiconductor technology, embedded in a new generation mineral paint.

The Proposal

Airlite and its partners are able to design and implement specific interventions for your company, taking into account the complexity even in health crisis situations such as the current one.

Providing its workers with a healthy and comfortable environment, always adhering to the indications of the competent authorities regarding personal and collective safety protocols, is a priority for which Airlite provides its technology and expertise, together with that of its technological and professional partners. We are at your disposal to define the offer related to the services and products indicated.

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