In search of healthier environments

AM Technology was born out of the desire to study and create products and materials that actively improve our living well-being

From our passion and research comes Airlite, the paint with the lowest environmental impact in the whole sector that allows you to sanitise the walls from bacteria and viruses, and eliminate toxic substances from the air we breathe.

2020: a crucial year

The Coronavirus pandemic that arose in 2020 has completely changed our lifestyle and our priorities.
At Airlite we have worked constantly to allow you to live in a healthier and safer environment. Independent tests have confirmed the extraordinary antiviral property of our paint, effective against the Human Coronavirus in just 15 minutes.

Our commitment

At Airlite our mission is to help you transform your home into a healthy and protected place, so that you can live more peaceful and serene.


Paint application

Breathe. Airlite is simple.
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