Airlite Primer



Airlite Primer is a pigmented fixative based on special acrylic polymers in water dispersion with high penetration suitable for the preparation of external and internal walls. By penetrating deeply into the substrate, it reduces and unifies the absorption of plasters, at the same time reinforcing the substrate to be painted. Its pigmentation allows to obtain an initial covering that facilitates the user during the application (especially in case of repainting) and helps to reduce and even out the absorption of the final paint.


  • Specific Weight

1550 + 0,020 kg/l

  • Flash point

Non inflammable

  • VOC Content

Compliant to EU Directive 2004/42/CE

  • Average Viscosity

100 Poises (Brookfield rot. n°5 at 2 rpm at 21°c)

  • Yield

10-12 m2/lt for one coat

Airlite Primer is available in a wide range of high-performance colors. Custom colors may be available upon request.

Find out all the 180 Airlite colors!


Technical Data Sheet

Airlite Primer

Safety Data Sheet

Airlite Primer