Airlite Ioniqa Interior


Airlite Ioniqa Interior is a water-thinnable enamel available in semi-opaque form. The product is formulated with water-thinnable alkyd resins, a high percentage of pigments and selected fillers that give the treated substrate a high degree of protection and resistance to rubbing and washing.


Airlite Ioniqa Interior is ideal for places where an antibacterial and antimould washable surface is needed. The product is conceived especially for application in public areas, schools, hospitals and in the health care and in the food industry.

Airlite Ioniqa Interior thanks to its technical and performance characteristics, it can be used in environments and premises that require HACCP certification: the product has been awarded the HACCP International certification.

Airlite Ioniqa Interior has a low ecological impact, it is not flammable and keeps its color over time thanks to its anti UV agent

  • Chemical nature

Hydrodilutable alkyd resin

  • Specific weight

1,210 ± 0,03 gr/cc (a 20°C)

  • Viscosity

13” – 17” F8 (at 20° C)

  • Dry residue

70 +/- 2% (3 hours at 120° C) value for white product

  • Ash

25 +/- 3% (3 hours at 800° C) value for white product

  • Wash resistance

>10.000 cycles (UNI 10560)

  • VOC Content

Compliant with EU Directive 2004/42/CE

Airlite Ioniqa Interior is available in a wide range of high-performance colors. Custom colors may be available upon request.

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Technical Data Sheet

Airlite Ioniqa Interior

Safety Data Sheet

Airlite Ioniqa Interior