Airlite Hystoriqa Stone


Airlite Hystoriqa Stone is an invisible water-repellent, low molecular weight, high penetration protection, stable to acid and alkaline solutions. It stops the penetration of liquid water containing salts, chlorides and organic acids into the treated surfaces that remain breathable, without changing their porosity. Airlite Hystoriqa Stone does not normally change the effect of the treated surfaces; however, experimental on-site tests are recommended, also for determining the optimal quantity to be used.



Airlite Hystoriqa Stone is non-toxic, with low VOC ( compliant with EU directive 2004/42/CE ), stays stable in case in contact with liquid alkaline and acidic solutions and it eliminates the formation of salt deposits whilst maintaining the natural porosity of the substrate. Its formulation is the result of aqueous dispersion of the water repellent photocatalytic nanoparticles of titanium dioxide.

Airlite Hystoriqa Stone‘s innovative formula gives the self-cleaning characteristic against the organic substances with which it comes into contact. The photocatalytic reaction occurs in the presence of sunlight and allows for a reduction of air pollution, decreasing the concentration of both NOx and SOx. 

  • Appearance

White milky liquid

  • pH

4,5 ± 0.2

  • Yield

100/400 g/m2

  • Density

1000 kg/m3

  • Specific weight

1 kg/l

  • Solvent


  • Boiling point

100°C approx.

  • Freezing temperature


Technical Data Sheet

Airlite Ioniqa Interior

Safety Data Sheet

Airlite Ioniqa Interior