Airlite Epoxy Primer


Airlite Epoxy Primer is a two-component water-based white epoxy primer for professional use.

Airlite Epoxy Primer is ideal as a primer for cementitious conglomerate surfaces, sand and cement screeds, tiles, sheet metal, before laying paints or anti-acid or waterproofing epoxy or polyurethane resin-based coatings.

  • Product appearance


  • Color


  • Specific weight

1,2 kg./lt

  • Pot life

60 min. approx. after mixing

  • Drying at 15°C

Touch drying in 6-8 hours approx. / Overpaintable in 12-24 h. approx.

  • Yield

7-10 m /kg average value depending on the type and condition of the substrate

Technical Data Sheet

Airlite Epoxy Primer

Safety Data Sheet

Airlite Epoxy Primer