Post COVID-19, healthy indoor air quality will be at the forefront of building design

Clients and businesses are looking to architects to prioritise health and wellbeing more than ever before: specifically, air quality, clean surfaces and anything that will slow the spread of bacteria and viruses within the workplace.

COVID-19 is instigating a fundamental re-evaluation of office space. Healthy work spaces are the primary driver to retain tenants, defend premiums and attract new business.

“Airlite has a solution that brings value across most of our activities. Through our partnership we’re integrating Airlite as our preferred supplier in our property development, build and lifecycle maintenance projects.”

Aurelie Marais, Marketing and Digital Transformation Director, Bouygues UK

Independent Air-monitoring Test: Central London School

Our client partnered with Airlite to deliver a sustainable and environmentally friendly solution to help tackle indoor air quality across their offices and contracts. Many of which are located in areas where the issue of air quality is paramount.

Situated in central London, the school is located next to a major and heavily congested main road into London city centre. Air quality was such a concern, windows in the school were prohibited from being opened, and causing rooms to be excessively warm in summer months.

A classroom painted with Airlite had a mean NO2 concentration that was 95% lower than classroom painted with regular paint.

Classroom painted with Airlite graph

Changing from a conventional paint to Airlite offered substantial environmental and sustainability benefits to both our client and the school.

Post COVID-19 building design must focus on public health

Lighting, air quality, thermal comfort, acoustics and materials are some of the factors that influence the health and well-being of people in the spaces they live and work. For project planning teams, COVID-19 reinforces why public health should now be a priority for every building and communal space. Architectural design must safeguard against COVID-19 and future pandemics, changing the way architects think about design in the future.

How Airlite can help

Airlite paint contains a nano-tech catalyst which ionises the air around it, killing bacteria and viral proteins and neutralising air pollution (including NOx). It uses natural technology (which mimics nature) and it is built using a sustainable manufacturing process. Airlite does all this whilst remaining the most environmentally friendly paint on the planet.

Airlite is both a cost effective retrofit and new-build solution. It requires no maintenance, no electricity, no cleaning and will remain active for as long as the paint is on the walls. And all at a fraction of the cost of alternative solutions.

Airlite is certified Cradle to Cradle Gold, Green Seal certified and WELL, BREEAM, LEED compliant.

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