Airlite Clear Coat


Airlite Clear Coat is an aqueous dispersion containing metal oxides and titanium dioxide, thus providing the treated surface with selfcleaning, antibacterial and air pollution reduction properties. It is available in a transparent liquid form and it can be used on a wide range of supports like glass, polymers, steel, building components, furniture and semi-finished products.

It is suitable for applications at the end of the production cycle, as particularly stressful mechanical passages can affect the efficiency of the deposited film. The final thickness of the product applied is between 100-200 nm.


Airlite Clear Coat is a transparent coating based on a special range of technologies to reduce both air pollutants and bad smells, while inhibiting the growth of bacteria and mold. Additionally, it prevents dust and airborne dirt from sticking to the surfaces, preserving them cleaner for a long time. Activated by light, it maintains its effectiveness over time while not reducing its performance levels.

Airlite Clear Coat is VOC free.

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≈ 98° C

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Airlite Clear Coat

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Airlite Clear Coat