Airlite's Benefits

Reduces air pollution

Airlite reduces pollutants such as nitrogen oxide as it purifies the air.

Activated by light, Airlite reduces air pollutants by transforming them into harmless mineral salts. Airlite reduces both the pollutants generated by combustion and those of a biological nature which are already dispersed throughout the atmosphere.

Airlite has an effect on both pollutants that are harmful to health and on those that cause the greenhouse effect. In particular, it reduces the dangerous gases of nitrogen oxides (NOx) and sulphur oxides (SOx).

Airlite reduces harmful nitrogen dioxide (NO2) by oxidation and transforms it into harmless water-soluble salts which are temporarily deposited on its surface until they are dissolved either by rainwater or general air humidity.

The NO2 pollutant is reduced by more than 80% in a laboratory environment and more than 50% in a high pollution outdoor test environment (heavily used road tunnel).


Not all bacteria are harmful. Many are actually essential to our lives, as the human body contains huge amounts of harmless bacteria, such as those present in the gastrointestinal system, which help digestion and nutrient absorption.

However some of the diseases with the highest mortality rates that throughout history have destroyed hundreds of millions of human lives have been caused by bacteria. Some of the more well-known ones include; cholera, diphtheria, plague, dysentery, pneumonia, tuberculosis, and typhus.

Unfortunately, some bacteria have become resistant to antibiotics through mutation, and according to WHO studies in 2017, superbugs are one of the most serious threats to the survival of the human species. Without antibiotics curing the effects of bad bacteria on either humans or animals serious epidemics may evolve.

Airlite is bacteria-resistant. Bacteria are reduced on the surface by the double action of surface oxidation and high alkalinity, which, combined, prevent the bacteria from surviving.

This significantly reduces the total bacterial level in an environment, making it possible to achieve a high level of healthiness, greater wellbeing and living comfort.


Moulds are a type of pluricellular fungi that reproduce via spores. In damp environments, microorganisms proliferate, forming a bacterial culture that generate the moulds on the surfaces with which they come into contact.

Inside buildings, the spores of some moulds cause major allergies;  what’s more, the spores of some fungi release powerful toxins that once in our lungs, create pulmonary inflammations and lesions especially in children.

Mould is harmful to all surfaces. Even if we only see the superficial part of it, in the long run it can affect the inner wall structure and cause paints to chalk and plasters to detach.

Airlite is mould-resistant. It reduces moulds found on any surface, preventing them from then reforming.

Repels dust and airborne dirt

Airlite is very effective in preventing dirt from settling on walls.

Airlite fights dirt in two ways. Airlite decomposes the oily substances deposited on the surface, preventing dust from sticking to the wall.

In conjunction with this, it creates a thin surface layer of water (thanks to a property called hydrophilicity), which prevents dust and other particles from settling on the surface, causing them to drop off.

Simply put, Airlite creates an invisible protective film that prevents dirt and dust in the air from settling on the surfaces. The surfaces stay as pristine as the day they were painted!

Reduces odours

Toxic bad odours are generated by potentially dangerous substances that, when inhaled, can irritate the olfactory system.
Deodorants and perfumes, whilst generally used to reduces bad odours, pump large numbers of pleasant smelling molecules into the air, to hide bad odours.

Thanks to the oxidising action of Airlite, odour molecules are naturally broken down, reducing all harmful compounds and delivering fresher and more pleasant air to the environment. Airlite reduces not only the odours, but also their causes.

When you open a traditional paint pot, there is a strong and pungent odour caused by the chemical substances within. The most lethal of these is formaldehyde which can cause respiratory problems and which recently led to painting and decorating being categorised as an occupation that is hazardous to health. Airlite is a mineral product and is completely free of glues, solvents and other chemical compounds (VOCs). lt is also completely odourless. This means you can apply Airlite indoors and use the room just as soon as the paint is dry.

Cuts cooling costs up to 30%

Airlite reflects most of the infrared solar radiation, preventing excessive heat transfer.

In summer and in hot climates this allows you to have cooler environments in a natural way, with a saving of electricity for air conditioning between 15 and 30%. When solar radiation hits a surface, part of the heat is absorbed by the wall and transferred to the interior, part is reflected and removed.