All new parents are keen to create that special place for their new offspring to rest and sleep. ‘Nesting’ has almost become a rite-of-passage for expectant mums and dads. But could this wonderful and natural instinct be harming our children?
Children breathe in and retain more air pollution per unit of body weight than adults. Polluted air has a greater impact on children, especially newborns, because their lungs are still fragile and developing.

With babies sleeping upwards of 10 hours a night (if parents are lucky!) they spend more time in their nurseries than anywhere else. So it is vital their bedroom air is clean and pure.

Why are new nurseries more polluted than other rooms in the house?

That carefully chosen new coat of paint may actually contain toxic and potentially harmful toxins which can be released into the air.
New furniture (cots, changing tables, nursing chairs) are often made from composite/compressed wood. These materials can release harmful gasses for weeks after they have been unpacked.
New carpet — Scientists have found that chemicals used in the laying of new carpet or laminate can make it difficult for newborns to breathe and can even affect babies while they are still in the womb. Experts at the Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research (UFZ) in Germany are so concerned that they have warned women against laying new flooring during pregnancy or in the first year of a child’s life.

And when infants move into their big girl’s or boy’s rooms, the toxic process starts all over again. New paint, new carpet, new furniture…

How can Airlite help?

Simply put, Airlite reduces pollutants and purifies the air inside our homes.

  • Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are micro-particles present in the air that we breathe inside buildings. Paints in particular, which can contain up to 100 grams of VOC for every litre of paint, are very dangerous. Airlite is very effective in reducing the concentration of VOCs in the air. Simply activated with light, Airlite reduces the organic molecules that make up VOCs, transforming them into inert substances that are not dangerous for health, and making the environment healthier.
  • Airlite also reduces toxins such as nitrogen oxides (NOx) and sulphur oxides (SOx). Again, activated by light, Airlite reduces these air pollutants by transforming them into harmless water-soluble salts which are temporarily deposited on its surface until they are dissolved by general air humidity. In a laboratory environment, the NO2 pollutant was reduced by more than 80%.
  • It is mould resistant — Airlite reduces mould on any surface, preventing it from reforming.
  • It is bacteria resistant — Airlite reduces bacteria by the double action of surface oxidation and high alkalinity, which, combined, prevent the bacteria from surviving.
  • Airlite repels dust and airborne dirt — it creates an invisible protective film that prevents dirt and dust in the air from settling on the surfaces. The surfaces stay as pristine as the day they were painted!
  • It reduces odours — Thanks to the oxidising action of Airlite, odour molecules are naturally broken down, reducing all harmful compounds and delivering fresher and more pleasant air to the environment. Airlite reduces not only the odours, but also their causes.

Top tips for purifying your new nursery

  1. Leave newly unwrapped composite furniture outside for several days before putting in the nursery
  2. Avoid toxic paints and varnishes
  3. Avoid laying new flooring or carpet during pregnancy and even up to the first year of a child’s life
  4. Open nursery windows every day
  5. Paint with Airlite the new healthy paint that purifies the air.