Dirt repellent 2017-04-01T11:35:39+00:00

Affordable & easy to apply
this techno-savvy
repels dust
and airborne dirt
by creating
a protective,
invisible film
that blocks the dust
from settling
keeping surfaces
as pristine
as the day
they were Painted.

Air Purifying – Anti-Bacteria – Anti-Pollution – Dirt Repellent – Mold Control – Energy Saving


We all want to be healthier
and make our environments safer.
That’s why emerging markets are
being flooded with green products
and allergy-friendly alternatives.
But going green is no longer
enough we have to go blue.
Blue technologies like Airlite
can truly make a difference,
by generating
technological innovations
that improve health and wellbeing,
while safeguarding the planet.