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Written by Paola Teocoli

Since ancient times, the importance of color and its effects on our body has been a subject for study and discussion. What we now call chromotherapy, or the use of colors to treat physical and mental illnesses, has been practiced for centuries. Ancient Egyptians, Greeks, Indians and Chinese attributed hidden meanings and beneficial properties to colours, as a way to be able to help and cure both the physical and the spiritual body.

The Egyptians applied a connection with the organism and its functionality – for example black was associated with fertility. The Greeks instead linked colors to the fundamental elements of air, water, earth and fire, and to body fluids and the treatment of their diseases. The Indians associated colour with the chakras – the seven energy points connected to the main glands of the body while the Chinese linked the meaning of colours to the well-being of the body.

Currently, chromotherapy is considered an holistic medicine as traditional medicine does not find sufficient scientific evidence. But all of us can imagine that, as shapes and materials are capable of triggering different reactions in us, then colors can do so too.

Suffice to say, colors are nothing but energy manifestations that are perceived by our eyes and subsequently decoded by the brain which gives them a different nuance. These electromagnetic waves have the ability, through the different frequencies, to send vibrational messages to our physical and emotional being.

Let’s see together the meanings and effects of colors!



Red symbolizes blood, vitality, warmth, energy, love, passion but also aggression and war. On a physical level, this color is capable of increasing heart rate and blood pressure as well as stimulating the activity of the sympathetic nervous system. Under the psychic point of view, red fights apathy, depression and mental exhaustion and instead stimulates will and courage.



Orange, the fruit of the union of the bright yellow and the bursting red, is the color that is associated with imagination, joy, renewal and interior lighting. Physically this color performs an “unlocking” action. It stimulates and regulates respiration, helps the appetite and the activity of the endocrine glands. Psychologically it is a color that drives away sleepiness, fears and doubts linked to them, brings joy and enthusiasm.


YELLOWRecognized as the color of the sun, yellow symbolizes illumination and clarity but also evanescence and instability. This color helps our body in digestion processes avoiding abdominal swelling and improving liver and lymphatic functions. Yellow, the symbol of the day, is one of those colors that can stimulate the brain functions and therefore concentration and learning. Interpersonal relationships and communication benefit from it.




Usually associated with the juvenile stages of life, green is the color of nature par excellence. It symbolizes freshness, rebirth, stability, balance and health.

Under the physical aspect this color performs a purifying action and rebalances the physical functions with invigorating, relaxing and refreshing effects. From a psycho-emotional point of view, green is a color that is able to cure the heaviest forms of stress, also helping to improve the insomnia and anxiety that may result from it.





Blue, and its variants, is an ambivalent color that symbolizes harmony, stillness and feelings such as fidelity and sweetness. Blue is also able to bring us back to melancholy and nostalgia. Physical blue helps to lower blood pressure and regulate breathing. It possesses anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and astringent qualities. On a psychological level, it is considered the sedative of the nervous system and, like the green, helps to improve anxiety and insomnia.



Together with blue and violet, Indigo belongs to the spectrum of cold colors and is associated with reflective states of meditation. This color is indicated to help solve physical problems that mainly affect sensory organs such as nose, ears and eyes. Violet is an anesthetizing color that helps to quell obsessive fears and abuses of drugs and alcohol.



This color is the deepest one when applied to a level of meaning. Violet brings great intuition and amplifies our sense of comprehension of everything. It stimulates the nervous system, giving energy to fluids and helping to fight circulation problems such as cellulitis, neuralgia and cramps.

From a psychological point of view, violet stimulates the right hemisphere of the brain, linked to creativity and spirituality and meditation. Seda states of over-excitement and helps to allay mental and sleep disorders.




Analysis of these seven colors provides a unique snapshot of the beneficial properties of colour, both physically and psychologically. Whether or not you believe in chromotherapy, you cannot deny the way different colours make you feel, both at home and at work.

Airlite is a product that can apply technology to chromotherapy. Airlite makes even the most tricky to live with colours (think teenagers and their penchant for black walls) perform in a way that is wholly beneficial to life by removing harmful pollutants and toxins, dirt and dust from our air. A double whammy for colour!

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 738719