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Written by Paola Teocoli

It’s holiday time and if you haven’t yet chosen your destination, don’t panic, you might be interested in visiting one of these 10 cities, scattered around the world, where clean air reigns supreme!



10) Curitiba, Brazil – air quality 63%

The first city in the world to design and build a pedestrian only area.  Built in the late 70s, this city was already thinking about the future!   It is considered the ecological capital of Brazil and thanks to the efforts of various governments and the population itself,  it means that there are now approximately 55 ‘green’ square meters, per person.  With its population of around 2 million, Curitiba is a true example of eco-sustainability and champion of its natural heritage.


9) Singapore – air quality 68.6%

It may seem strange that this City-state is in our top 10, especially since in 2013 the air quality reached its historical maximum, thanks to pollution from Indonesian farming practices but Singapore is one of the cleaner cities in the world. Even spitting on the ground is considered a crime! The city has a particularly affluent lifestyle and the rules for protecting the environment are very strict.


8) Oslo, Norway – air quality 78.8%

Countries in the Northern hemisphere are known to be more advanced when it comes to thinking about the environment and Oslo is a great example.  It is a city that has managed to exploit its high population density to its advantage.  In fact, its engineers have designed and built 400 buses that work via the conversion of human waste!  You might turn up your nose at the thought of it, but it benefits the air that everyone breathes.  Furthermore, the government is building 56 kilometers of cycle networks.  Exhaust fumes from cars – goodbye!


7) Bern, Switzerland – air quality 81.5%

Bern is not only known for its fountains (there are 11 historical fountains in the city) but also for its focus on the cleanliness of both its air and water.  The federal capital of Switzerland, Bern, like the rest of the country, is extremely attentive to its ecology.  There are many programmes in place that benefit the environment and protect it from polluting and harmful materials. It is one of the most beautiful, clean and visited cities in Switzerland.


6) Melbourne, Australia – air quality 83.6%

One of the most famous cities in the world and also one of the cleanest.  Melbourne not only guarantees a high quality of life for its citizens but also a truly enviable quality of the air.  In recent years, the Australian metropolis has distinguished itself particularly in the construction sector.  They are particularly innovative when it comes to creating environmentally friendly buildings – with the highest number classified as Class A for energy efficiency.  Sustainability, ecology and respect for the environment make Melbourne the flagship of Australia.


5) Helsinki, Finland – air quality 87.5%

Is the most important City in Finland and in Northern Europe thanks to its air cleanliness and excellent quality of life. This city where traditional and modern ideas meet, excels in terms of efforts of limiting emissions caused by vehicles and industry, whilst boasting excellent results in terms of separate waste collection, recycling and energy saving.  It is an ideal city to visit and enjoy a culturally interesting and at the same time healthy holiday.


4) Calgary, Canada – air quality 88.5%

Thanks to an efficient recycling system, this Canadian town is considered the cleanest in the country.  It’s not hard to believe when most of the fabrics used in the textile industry come from recycled materials. The low rate of pollution is due to constant monitoring of traffic, the presence of electric public transport and the commitment of citizens to keep consumption at a minimum.  Not just a real example to follow but a city not to be missed!


3) Honolulu, Hawaii – air quality 89.3%

Located some 3,200 km from the US mainland, this corner of paradise is known not only for its breathtaking views and crystal clear waters but also for its commitment to abolishing pollution.  For instance, in Honolulu heavy vehicles have been banned, thus limiting the emission of harmful gases into the air. Thanks also to constant winds and frequent rains, the air has the ability to clean up any pollution that may occur, faster.


2) Freiburg, Germany – air quality 92.5%

This German town is considered the capital of clean energy thanks to the strong environmental movement that is supported by all its citizens.  All the sloping roofs of its houses feature photovoltaic panels.  The famous “sunflower house”, created by the architect Rolf Dish and the imposing wind blades, seen in the distance, seem to blend perfectly with the green and hilly landscape.  Its lush, green natural landscape, excellent climate and the absence of traffic, combine to make this town a true paradise!


1) Ifrane, Morocco – 100% air quality

This Moroccan town is called the “little Switzerland”, not only because of its different architecture to the rest of the territory but also because it is one of the most important ski resorts in Morocco.  This place is the cleanest in the world and the perfection of its air quality is due to the absence of carbon-emitting industries, the high peaks of over 4,000m and the national park of the world’s largest cedar plantations.  A truly unmissable place to visit!

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 738719