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Written by Paola Teocoli


What happens when the creative hand of a talented artist is combined with the qualities of a painting capable of purifying the air as Airlite does? Projects and ideas are born that have the intent and ambition to change the way we approach the art and the air we breathe. And this is something beautiful. 

It was during the 2017 Air Theatre that Vera Pravda, an independent artist since 2007, came across Airlite at the MeetLab, a concept store in the heart of Milan. Pravda was fascinated by Airlite’s beneficial properties and its many uses, including an art material. Conversation began and a relationship developed, leading to the start of an incredible project called ArtBreathing which combines Pravda’s love for art with Airlite’s approach to improving air quality.  

ArtBreathing is a modular project whose main aim is to create the largest possible number of indoor and outdoor murals, using Airlite technology which in turn makes each unique piece of work become a natural air purifier. As each artwork eliminates up to 88.8% of air pollution, collectively the pieces are able to significantly improve the quality of the air we breathe every day as well as making a positive urban impact.

Part of the Air is Art foundation, an artistic platform established by Airlite, to bring the work of a wide range of global artists to the forefront of our minds, ArtBreathing also encourages us to look more closely at the works of artists such as Vera Pravda and the way in which art can not only delight aesthetically but also make a secondary contribution to our society. 

Realising one of the first murals of 70 square meters. Vera Pravda’s interpretation of ArtBreathing is a design of stylized leaves; a small oasis of blue and green water, painted onto the walls of the Cellars of Lycee Stendhal in Milan, which greets the children of the school every day at lunchtime. 

The success of this first collaboration between Air Is Art and Vera Pravda continued at this year’s Milan Design Week, when Pravda’s work came to be displayed at the very store when the artist had first encountered Airlite.  Alongside Breathe, an interactive theatre that encouraged individuals to learn the art of correct breathing, The MeetLab in the centre of Milan became a visual  interpretation of trees and their foliage, so often responsible for helping to clean our air. Through a series of 50cm sq canvases the visually mobile aspects of tree foliage was portrayed with through interesting color contrasts and the unmistakable trait of an artist who knows the element and the materials they use.

Branches and leaves emerged, seemingly to have the power to make you feel on the skin, the first warm wind that heralds the arrival of spring… Six days of live painting, six days of positive expression, six days of art in its purest form, like the air that we all want to breathe. 

The smiles that accompanied the first murals of ArtBreathing and the sessions of Breathe, are synonymous with happiness but also awareness: by joining forces and thinking about the good of the group and not only that of the individual, it is really possible to create change.

 The Air Is Art team would like to thank Vera Pravda for these first two very successful collaborations! 

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 738719