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Il Teatro dell’Aria – Design Week 2018

Written by Paola Teocoli



There are certain times of the year when a city bursts into life, full of enthusiasm and excitement  for an event ahead. Something significant, that focus’s the city’s perspective on a specific topic or actor, providing the ability for escapism from drowsiness and the static routine that accompanies us all, day in, day out. An excitement for an event that builds from colourful posters, banners and advertisements can trigger a curiosity in us all and make momentary experts of a particular few.

The International Furniture Fair or ‘Salone del Mobile’ which takes over Milan every Spring, and this year bursts into life from 17-22 April, takes the city by storm as it presents the work of the most important designers in the world. Salone del Mobile now in its 57th year, is the biggest, brightest and best showcase of international design and justly attracts a global audience. This year Salone del Mobile is coupled with ‘Salone Satellite’ which shows the prototypes of some of the most influential new designers under 30 and the highly anticipated Fuorisalone, the guide to the show.

Amongst the 1194 companies and individuals on display at Salone del Mobile this year, Airlite and its initiative ‘Air is Art’ will launch a new space, the ‘Teatro dell’Aria’ (Air Theatre), a dedicated space that will show people how to explore the pathway to clean air. Airlite is a revolutionary wall coating that helps to purify localised air by neutralising pollutant particles, bacteria, odour, mould and repelling dirt and dust.

In 2018 Airlite’s ‘Teatro dell’Aria’ will move between some of Milan’s most iconic spaces including the Triennale Di Milano, Copernico Tortona 33 and the WWF garden in the Garibaldi area, offering breathing lessons guided by leading expert Giovanni Formisano, a yogi whose breathing teaching is certified by the Yoga Alliance.



So why offer breathing lessons during a trade fair? Well we all know the certified benefits of breathing properly and our body’s need for clean air. Airlite is a product that can tackle the issue of poor air quality but there is little point in purifying the air if you don’t know how to breath properly in the first place. It is precisely events like huge trade fairs where we need to be able to regulate our breathing. We live these brief periods of excitement in haste, spending several frenetic days filling our conscience with new ideas. We take little time to eat and drink properly and even less time to breathe. It’s no wonder that at the end of it all, we are exhausted. Just 30 minutes of instruction is all it takes to master the art of breathing. It’s a must have for our health and well-being. Poor breathing leads to bad posture in almost 95% of us.

The Teatro dell’Aria will also offer live painting sessions with Vera Pravda, an artist who chose to use Airlite as part of a new personal project called ‘Breathe’. As part of Airlite’s Air is Art project, these live sessions will be available at MeetLab Showroom, located in the Brera Design District. It’s another opportunity to relax, enjoy the calm creative environment generated by a talented artist who will relay the potential and benefits of use Airlite in a highly creative manner.

This will be a special week, hectic and intense but full of new ideas, thought provoking events and a pathway for change. Here at Airlite we believe that change star with us and sometimes this can be as simple as taking a deep breath.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 738719